In A Past Life I Was More Fun

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So this is actually probably going to feel like a slightly depressing post. Today for some reason I started randomly reading my twitter feed. I just started scrolling through and seeing what I had posted. The first thing that struck me was that just like blogging I had really let my tweeting slip. I’ve never really been a huge fan of twitter in the first place, I didn’t really buy into the hype but as a writer, who hopes to get a job someday in Social Media. it became something I needed to become acquainted with. 

The second thing I noticed was that back in like 2013 after I had graduated college I was a fairly productive person. I did more with friends, I baked, cooked, blogged, took pictures of things on Instagram. (I’ve never been a big instagramer either. Just another thing I felt I needed to try and understand). It kind of made me a little depressed. I don’t really know what happened between then and now, I mean part of it was probably when I stopped living in my “own” place, meaning not someone else’s house. Living in someone else’s house kind of cramps your style. 

I’m not really sure why I’m writing about this, I guess partially because I really wanted to post again so I didn’t lose my momentum and I didn’t know what else to talk about. I think I might try and get back into Twitter again. Especially since I’m now in charge of the Twitter page at my job. I did just post something today, a Vine I made. You should check it out. 

Recently I had the opportunity to go out with one of my sister’s friends. She’s bridesmaid #1 in my previous post. The three of us were supposed to go out to this place downtown when I got off work but my sister wasn’t feeling well so she opted not to go. She said I should go with her friend but since I don’t know her that well, I felt a little uncomfortable. Thankfully her friend understood my feelings better than my sister did. Later I said she should of stayed and hung out with us at my sister’s house but my sister said she was probably meeting other friend’s there too. To which of course I was like, if I didn’t feel comfortable just going with her, why would I be comfortable going with her and a bunch of her friends that I don’t know. My sister’s response was, that’s how you meet new people.

Well that’s not how I meet new people, unless forced of course. I mean I’ve met people through friends of mine, but notice I said friends of mine. In a situation like that I know at least one or two of the people, even if I know no one else, that lowers the anxiety level greatly. Even then I would never want it to be a big thing and I certainly prefer not to do that type of socializing in very public, loud, bar type areas. How are you supposed to get to know someone, it’s awkward. I’m lucky to have a sister who is an introvert as well, it makes for less misunderstandings and is probably one of the reasons we get along so well but she leans more in the outgoing introvert spectrum so there are still times she doesn’t completely understand me. 

Anyway, mini tangent over. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to focus on in this blog. Who knows maybe I’ll just keep stumbling along, talking about random things. I mean that really sounds like me, when I think about it. I do have an idea up my sleeve but I’ll talk about that in other post. 



An Introverted soul with a love for the extraordinary and ordinary. I have big dreams of publishing my own book or maybe one day opening a bakery/restaurant. My life however is constantly changing and just when I think I've figured things out, I get thrown a curve ball. I love writing, which is why I started this blog. I also love to engage in conversations with people about the things I love. So be prepared for a wide assortment of crazy :)

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